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Connecticut S1 # 0401779, Heating, Piping and Cooling Unlimited Contractor

Rhode Island License #00007970:
RM1 Refrigeration Master
PM1 Pipe Fitter Master

CT Plumbing License  # 0286359
CT Solar STC1 #0000159

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We provide 24 hour service-on-demand with the goal of saving you money now and long term. We offer everything the big companies do without the big company prices.  We install and repair ALL makes and models of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.  

These are just a few of the many services we have provided.  
We also provide custom ductwork and plumbing services.


Oil (Kerosene, #1, #2,#4, #6)

Gas (Natural and Propane)

Wood (Boilers, Furnaces, Stoves & Inserts)

Pellets (Boilers, Stoves & Inserts)

Heat Pumps (Air Source, Water Source, Ground Source)

Geothermal (Vertical well loop, Horizontal Trench loop, Water Body loop, Closed or Open loops)

Solar Thermal (Heating or Domestic Hot Water)

Radiant Floors (With Boilers, Heat Pumps, Solar, etc. Slab, Tube and Plate or Staple up)

Boilers (Hot Water, Steam, Commercial, Industrial or Residential)

Rooftop/Package Units


Duct Systems


Hydronic Piping

Package Terminal Units (PTAC)

Gas Logs & Stoves

Condensing Gas Boilers & Furnaces

Water Heaters (Electric, Heat Pump, Oil, Gas, Indirect, Solar)

Unit Heaters (Electric, Gas, Oil, Hydronic)

Zoning (Electric Zone Dampers & Valves)

Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)

Manufactured Fireplaces
Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers


Heat Pumps (Air source, Water source, Ground source)

Geothermal (Vertical well loop, Horizontal Trench loop, Water body loop, Closed or Open loops)
Chillers (Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Rooftop, Split, etc.)

Rooftop /Package Units


Duct Systems

Package Terminal Units (PTAC)

Computer Room Units (Raised floor, Liebert, etc.)

Zoning (Electric Zone Dampers & Valves)

Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)


Warm air systems

Hydro Air Systems

Ductless Split Systems

Rooftop/Package Units

Split A/C Systems

Condensing Units


Duct Systems

Make-Up Air Units

Exhaust Fans

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Heat Recovery Ventilators


Refrigeration Systems

Cooling Towers

Gas, Oil, Hydronic, Water Piping

Water Heaters (Electric, Heat Pump, Oil, Gas, Indirect, Solar)
Pneumatic Control Systems

Air Filtration (Electrostatic, HEPA, Carbon, etc)

UVC Light Antimicrobial Systems

Clean Rooms

Dehumidification Systems

Humidification Systems

Snowmelt Systems

Swimming Pool Heaters (Oil, Gas, Heat Pump, Solar, etc.)

Swimming Pool Dehumidfication / Heating Systems (Dry-o-tron etc.)

Prefab, Chimneys & Liners

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